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Essay is an academic paper written from your own point of view on a given topic. It is written in prose form, five to fifteen pages long.

Essay writing is a major part of formal education. When writing an essay, you require skills and time in order to communicate effectively. Essay writing can prove to be a hard task if you are not a writing fan and lack good writing skills. At this point, most students seek essay writing help from various companies offering custom writing paper services.

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  • Steps of writing essay paper
  • Topic selection
  • From the given question, choose an appropriate topic and analyze it.
  • Essay type
  • Determine the category of your essay according to the question.
  • Gathering data
  • Assemble all sources of data you will require for ideas and concepts.
  • Plan essay
  • Outline the format of your essay.
  • When writing an essay, keep in mind the type of essay you are writing.
  • There are four types of essays.
  • Comparison essay

When writing a comparison essay, you are required to give similarities and differences of two things.

Persuasive or Argumentative essay

You give a personal opinion and show its logic by backing it up with facts and evidence.

Explanatory or descriptive essay

This kind of essay explains and defines something. You need to give background information.

Cause and effect essay

Explain the cause and effect of something.

Essay structure

Essay structure is the most important thing when developing an essay paper. In order to write an excellent essay, use accurate essay format. An essay has three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion.


Introduce the topic to the reader briefly, starting with a strong thesis statement. For a perfect introduction, include a provocative quotation, related dramatic episode or rhetorical question.

This is the main part of your essay. State points in paragraphs, beginning each with a topic sentence. Use appropriate transitional words and expressions to achieve logical coherence.


Conclude by making predictions then suggest solutions and resolutions. Your conclusion should be short.

Proof read your essay to check grammatical mistakes before presenting.
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